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Guest lecture at Anand College of Pharmacy as a part of IIC Innovation cell

Guest lecture at Anand College of Pharmacy as a part of IIC Innovation cell

A guest lecture of Dr. Naveen Gupta (Director HIMCS) was organized at Anand College of Pharmacy in B. Pharm, Radhakrishnan auditorium for students of B. Pharm and D. Pharm at 11:30-1:30pm on 28th September 2019, Saturday, as a part of Institution Innovation Cell (IIC) Activities. He spoke on the topic “Problem Solving / Design Thinking and Identifying your IKIGAI”.  He conveyed to think differently or outside the box, and come up with creative ways to solve problems – new ways to look at things. Regarding this he gave various activities to the students present which they enjoyed. He explained the perception that innovation means big ideas occurring on a macro level is only partly true by giving several examples of Ratan Tata, Dheru Bhai Ambani etc,. He elaborated about different personalities using Johari window. Lastly he summarize IKIGAI (Japanese concept) that before doing anything asking yourself following 4 questions:

  1. What you like?
  2. Ask yourself to do the thing they have (talent)?
  3. Is it useful for society or country?
  4. Is it helpful in generating wealth?

All new students and staff attended the highly interactive session  and were deeply motivated. Dr. Kashmira J. Gohil (Dean) presented memento to  Dr. Naveen Gupta (Director HIMCS) .

Mrs. Shamshad Begum (Asst. Prof, Pharmaceutics). and Mr. Gurvinder Pal Singh (Asst. Prof, Pharmaceutical Chemistry) were the coordinators of the event.

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