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Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar, 2021-22

Even Semester

23rd January ,2021 Thursday Re-opening of College
23rd January ,2021 Thursday Registration B.Pharm 1st year (2nd Sem,) 2nd year (4th Sem),& 4th year( 8th Sem), M.Pharm 1st year (2nd Sem)
24th  January, 2021 Friday Classes Start B. Pharm( 2nd,  4th,& 8th Semester), M.Pharm (2nd Semester)
25th January ,2021 Saturday Classes Start D.Pharm 1st & 2nd year,
26th January, 2021 Sunday Republic Day
1st  February, 2021 Saturday Registration B.Pharm 3rd Year (6th Sem)
3rd February 2021 Monday Class Start B.Pharm 3rd Year (6th Sem)
20th ,22nd & 24th  February, 2021 Thursday , Saturday & Monday Class Test-I
21st February, 2021 Friday Maha Shivratri
6th & 7th March, 2021 Friday & Saturday Cerebrum – 2020
9th –12th  March, 2021 Monday – Thursday Mid Semester Break (Holi Festival)
28th ,30th & 31st March , 2021 Saturday, Monday & Tuesday Class Test-II
2nd  April, 2021 Thursday Ram Navami
6th April, 2021 Monday Mahavir Jayanti
10th April, 2021 Friday Good Friday
14th April, 2021 Tuesday Ambedkar Jayanti
22nd  April, 2021 Wednesday Last day of Classes
23rd -29th  April, 2021 Thursday – Wednesday Class Test-III
30th April – 05th May, 2021 Thursday – Tuesday Preparatory Leaves
6th May, 2021 Wednesday End Semester Theory Examination
7th May, 2021 Thursday Buddha Purnima
25th May, 2021 Monday Ramzan Eid-Ul Fitra
8th June – 20th July, 2021 (Only 20th Days) Monday– Saturday Summer Vacation

(*B.Pharm 3rd Year 6th Sem will be in 02 week industry training)



  1. Registration will be done only after clearing all dues.
  2. CT-1, CT-2 & CT-3 will be conducted after completing 1/3rd, 2/3rd & complete syllabus respectively.
  3. Minimum attendance required to appear in CT-1, CT-2 & CT-3 will be 70%, 75% & 75% respectively from official date of registration.
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