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Mr. Gurvinder Pal Singh

Mr. Gurvinder Pal Singh

Assistant Professor

Mr. Gurvinder Pal Singh Working as a lecturer for last 6 years in Anand College of Pharmacy and has 7 years experience in Pharma Marketing in multinational Companies. Area of interest is Pharmaceutical Analysis with special reference to “Method development by UV-VISIBLE  and HPLC  technique”.
Name of Respondent/ Ph. No/ Email Gurvinder Pal Singh gurvinder.singh@sgei.org
Department Name Pharmacy
Designation Assistant Professor
Experience 10.5 years teaching & 7 years Marketing
Qualification M. Pharm
Area of Interest Pharmaceutical Analysis
Skill sets & Expertise Method development by UV-VISIBLE and HPLC  Technique
Research and Publications (if any) 2 International Paper
Awards and Recognitions (if any) No
Memberships (if any) No
Certifications (if any) Attended Faculty Development program of 15 days in 2015 in HITM, Keetham, Agra
Link to personal website/Blog (If any)  
Admission Open 2021-22