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Besides Blackboard teaching, lectures are delivered in digital form by using new teaching learning model in which students can download the course notes, assignments, tutorial, and question bank with their solutions even sitting at home through Learning Management System or i-Google pages.

Computers, LAN and Software

The group recognizes the key role that IT plays in teaching as well as research. Therefore, it is committed to providing computing facilities of the highest standards. A high-speed optical fiber network allows all students to access a range of services across our campus including all computer labs. The computer labs house more than 1091 Computer Systems. The college has wide range of Software of Microsoft, Oracle platforms. Our labs are equipped with entire suite of Microsoft Product (Windows Server, Windows XP, Visual Studio, NET Server, MS SQL Server-2000) under MSDN Academic Alliance Program besides UNIX, LINUX, Data bases (MS-SQL Server-2000, Oracle 10g),


The Labs are connected to the internet by a 90 mbps leased line. Thereby providing unlimited internet access to students and faculty members. All the Offices, Labs, Cabins of faculty, and hostel rooms have been Provides 24×7 access to Wireless Internet Services throughout the campus.

Video Conferencing:

ACP have a facility of Video Conference with multi site

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